The variety of real estate sites available on the internet makes it very hard for home finders to hunt for their potential homes. That is why you need to figure out trustworthy websites that can offer you valuable options and easy to use. Also, for the home sellers and real estate agents, it is important to not only present themselves on the Internet these days but also appear in the right sites. Then, they will have a chance to get outstanding from the crowds. This post will give you a group of the best real estate websites and apps that are on the top list of where you can find and sell every property.


Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

The two companies that have to be mentioned first are Trulia and Zillow. They are evaluated to be quite similar, but Zillow is said to have more features than Trulia.

Talking about Trulia, the app is its most outstanding advantage. It is user-friendly and very interesting to navigate. Also, many landlords are choosing Trulia as a trustworthy place to advertise besides Craigslist that is for finding apartments.

It provides not only normal static listings but also the information from the local people in a neighborhood. You can have a deeper understanding of the property, its surrounding area, and the values of a house.


Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

This is considered the leading real estate website that all other popular realtor companies in this industry want to be like it. It doesn’t matter if you are selling, buying or just browsing, Zillow has something you need. Searching homes in Zillow, you can experience the great specificity from it. In the “more” tab, you can enter all the features that you need your potential home has to own. For example, you need a four-bedroom house with a garage, a large yard, and near a good elementary school. Enter all of those into the “more” tab, and you can easily find very useful results.

There is also the Zillow app that is simple and informative. It is “zestimates” which is a sales proceeds calculator. It often gives a local news feed and tools to estimate how high the rate of a property or a specific neighborhood is going to be.


Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

For Buyers: This site is not a really big boss in the real estate market, but just simply a platform for shopping. However, if you are browsing in a specific area or finding open houses, this is a good place to start. Keep in mind that Homefinder is the only website having its own open house tab, foreclosures and auctions.

For Sellers: HomeFinder is certainly a real listing tool. With under $50 a month, you can upload as many shots as you like, then easily share your listing on social media, and get ahead of basic properties. This realtor website also allows home buyers to call or email you directly.

Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

For Buyers: Although does not own the huge collection of listings like Zillow, it provides users with the best professionalism. Based on what are you looking for, will give you valuable statics about neighborhoods, apartment listings, and local mortgage rates. And you can trust the information you get from here as it is licensed from the National Association of REALTORS®. This site is appropriate for both casual browsers and serious buyers.

For Sellers: If you don’t have a lot of experience in the real estate market, you can find out how to start selling a home or choose the right agent. Then, you might be able to calculate the price of your property in this one of the best real estate websites.


Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

Besides the best real estate websites,  this is the United States Census Bureau’s app that gives information on each neighborhood you are looking for. Dwellr has some following outstanding features:

  • –  Based on your preferences to make a group of leading 30 places to provide you with information about each one.
  • –  Make the use of the GPS on your phone to give you statistics of your current place.
  • –  Use the information from the American Community Survey on more than 40 topics from education to commuting. They are collected in each neighborhood in the nation.
  • –  Get 25 ideal places of your friends if you share this app with them

The app Dwellr is the ideal place for people who are on the way to find a place to relocate, trying to live in another city.


Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

For Buyers: Redfin is actually a broker trying to promote their own real estate agents, so you have more chances to figure out your best real estate agents among a variety of them just like Trulia, Zillow, or Not having a huge listing of homes, Redfin often makes every 10-minute updating. Also, it offers 3D tours of their favorite homes. This is not only very interesting but also informative. You can have a deeper feel for a home before making a real visit.

For Sellers: With just a 1% listing fee, you can have the help of Redfin with professional photos, 3D walkthrough, a yard sign, open houses, and premium placement on Redfin. With the 2% service, the plus benefits are much more, including a custom home improvement plan, vetted service providers, decluttering, and professional staging.

Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes will receive what features you are caring about your potential home. Then, it will give you a list of properties that match your demands. You have a chance to access a unique match rating thanks to this best real estate websites. You will know how much of a match each home is. Especially, there is a great application as you come across a home you like. What you need to do is to capture a picture of that home and send it to This best real estate websites will help you to find the properties with similar features. You can imagine that this application acts in a quite similar way as a dating site that can help you meet perfect homes and home buyers.



Best Real Estate Websites and Apps for Finding and Selling Homes

This realty website is for buyers, sellers, and all people who are looking for an agent or mortgage lender. Xome is considered to be the best place to buy a home online. It is because Xome contains qualified agents as well as mortgage lenders who can help you reduce the work volume of buying homes, making the home-selling process less of a headache. The traditional home-buying will be gradually changed thanks to such advances Xome is providing.

If you don’t feel really comfortable to do this process completely online, Xome is still a good place to search for housing.




Finally, you don’t buy homes many times throughout your life, so you might be very excited about it. However, it can become an intimidating process when you don’t have good assistants. Hopefully, the suggestions of the best real estate websites and apps we have made here will help you find out the most potential homes without a huge waste of time and money. Also, the home sellers and real estate agents will have the best place to have their properties on the top listings.

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