Call it your G-Force, if you will. The playing field has been leveled, and Google is the great equalizer. Still, less than 2% of realtors have a Google Business Page.

Whether you are a brand new agent or one with an impressive list of transactions to your credit, there are great gains to be had by verifying your business on Google. And for whatever reason, a huge number many agents are not taking advantage of this platform.

When thinking about their own personal branding, many agents think of Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even Zillow.

In this fascinating video, superstar Miami realtor Alex Montalenti talks with our own Kosha Brown about how to use your Google profile in tandem with to catapult your real estate career.

Google is bigger than them all, yet remains overlooked. Here, Alex and Kosha walk you through the Dashboard and show how to use our services to stand out on your business page.

As Alex explains in this video: “I was just on a webinar this morning and there was a brand new agent on the call. He said to me ‘I’m just getting started, what should I do?’

So I said, ‘If I was a potential client thinking of working with you, what would I do?’

He said ‘You’d probably Google me’.

I said: ‘Yeah, and if I did, what would I see?’”

This is a question every real estate agent should be asking themself. And this is the question at the heart of this video. Alex and Kosha encourage you to dive deep into your own online presence, research yourself, check the search results, create a Google Business Page, and work with us to ensure you look your best.

The advantages are enormous, and the disadvantages of not doing so are just as huge. This is a video that every realtor should take the time to see. It’s a deep dive into personal branding with clear examples of how to look your best on a Google search.

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