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Exterior Day to Dusk

Take on realtors’ requests for night images even in gloomy weather, poor lighting, or absent perfect dusk sky. Offer attractive alternative night vision of the property with Exterior Virtual Dusk solutions. Also, they make the key ingredient for a radiant virtual time-lapse, that makes your portfolio even more attractive.

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By replacing the outdoor dusk sky, removing sun shade, and turning on the lights, Kolorheaven turns the daytime photo to dusk for you.

Features of Day To Dusk service

In order to create a ‘perfect sunset sensitive’ area, our professional team will retouch the outside sun shade and something such as trees, walls, grass, etc. to ensure that your house looks beautiful at sunset time!


Your house’s stunning on the dusk sky background

Sunset is a beautiful time of day although it’s notoriously difficult to photograph. To take sunset photos, you will have to wait until dusk to take pictures. Let the editors at Kolorheaven edit photos of your exterior property from day to night at the touch of a button. The team can turn any day or overcast sky into a spectacular sunset to really make your real estate product stand out from the rest.

Whether interior or exterior lighting, pool or garden lighting, turning on the lights in a property shot creates a cozy and welcoming feel.

The harmony of the lights and plants’ colors make the photo so natural

In addition, we also focus on creating a driveway or yard with a wet feel and sparkling reflections. Your property will look more eye-catching and interest buyers.

Processing steps

We took steps to overall adjust the photo so that the twilight sky looks natural but still makes your home stand out.

Replacing Outdoor sky with dusk 

  1. Brightness adjustment
  2. Contract Adjustment
  3. Light Turning on
  4. Vertical & Horizontal Straightening
  5. Add Fire to Fireplaces

Completion time

After receiving the customer’s request, our experts will plan and implement the editing of this project as soon as possible.

The product is edited for the rush time to send back the task to the customer within 12 hours from the handover date.

Working Process

Step 1: Delivery of orders on Dropbox

Step 2: Image processing

Step 3: Upload orders to “Done Job”

Step 4: Orders complete.

Contact us immediately if you need to edit photos with Kolorheaven Day to Dusk service.

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High end real estate photo editing services FAQ

Check some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you haven’t found your answers, contact us anytime!

It depends on our agreement. We tailor the turnaround to best suit your need. But since high end editing takes long processing time, you should expect to receive output in at least 12 hours.

Our high-end photo editing service is for very complex editing that uses more exposures (more than 10 exposures) and requires more professional skills and time.

Once you’re onboard, we set up a custom product on our ordering portal as per your requirements and our agreement. From there, you can place an order on the portal and upload your input (DNG & RAW recommended) directly.

Usually for high end editing, we’ll export final output as TIFF. But let us know if you prefer other file formats like JPEG.

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