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Make the most of your drawings with our 3D Floor Plan Creator team. With various options available, you can upsell your Floor Plan services while showing a realistic sense of the volume, flow, and spatial structure.


Why Kolorkeaven’s high end editing service?

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With an extensive range of digital image-enhancing services, we help real estate photography companies make their creativity stand out, meeting more realtors’ needs.

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Our customer service team works 24/6 across various communication channels, we assure you that you are well taken care of.


Editing more than 40,000 images per day, we can guarantee that volume is no problem for us. Scale your photography ventures with us!


Working closely with our customers, we’re committed to developing new and smarter solutions to embrace the latest trends in the industry.

Kolorheaven’s Portfolio

Explore our work and get inspired on what options you can present to realtors using our 3D floor plan creator and interior architectural visualisation services. Created with Adobe Illustrator, Floorplanner, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, and all the tools top industry professionals use!

3d floor plan

Standard 3D Floor Plan

  • Incorporates depth and perspective alongside size, layout, and spatial relationships.
  • Features details including fixtures, fittings, mobile furniture, doors, windows, and flooring.
  • Highlights the layout on both a flat view or isometric (diagonal) angles.

Kolorheaven provides 3D standard floor plan redrawing with

  • 12-hour turnaround time
  • Mass volume
  • Easy and intuitive ordering system

Advanced 3D Floor Plan

  • Leave your mark as a floor planner with a combination of 3D plans and virtual staging.
  • Create an exceptional, realistic floor plan that vividly showcases the property’s layout from different perspectives.

Kolorheaven helps you create exceptional 3D floor plans with

  • 24-hour turnaround time
  • Full staging customization with an extensive furniture library of more than 600 interior style templates.
  • Photorealistic flooring materials, textures, and interior furniture.
3d floor plan

High end real estate photo editing services FAQ

Check some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you haven’t found your answers, contact us anytime!

It depends on our agreement. We tailor the turnaround to best suit your need. But since high end editing takes long processing time, you should expect to receive output in at least 24 hours.

Our high-end photo editing service is for very complex editing that uses more exposures (more than 10 exposures) and requires more professional skills and time.

Once you’re onboard, we set up a custom product on our ordering portal as per your requirements and our agreement. From there, you can place an order on the portal and upload your input (DNG & RAW recommended) directly.

Usually for high end editing, we’ll export final output as TIFF. But let us know if you prefer other file formats like JPEG.

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