Fulfilling cinematic experiences with real estate video editing

For real estate videographers looking for scalable and reliable video editing help, Kolorheaven’s provides numerous solutions that bring each footage to its fullest potential. We cherish the stories behind each property through the celebration of the smallest details.


Complete solution package for real estate videographers

Whether it’s a short slideshow for social media marketing or an extensive walkthrough for a dedicated property presentation, we’re here to help you with a wealth of real estate video editing solutions. Our video editing services are tailored to your specific needs, your unique styles to create enjoyable cinematic experiences for your audiences. See our solutions below.

Video Editing Services FAQ

Check some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you haven’t found your answers, contact us anytime!

The turnaround time for our video product will usually be up to 24 hours

We require our clients to use video input with minimum 1920×1080 resolution (4K is recommended), with mp4/mov file format and frame rate at minimum 25-29.97fps (50-59.97 fps is recommended).

Our team can work with all types of inputs, including footage from smartphones. To get the best results, we suggest you follow the footage input requirements.

A wide range: Property Walkthrough Video, Drone Video, Property + Drone video, Agent video (Agent Presentation), Voiceover, Teaser videos, Slideshow (of still images), Virtual Time Lapse. GFX add-ons (Call outs, Trace Highlight, blue sky replacement). All of them can be tailored for social media format (Vertical, Square).

Yes, we can provide videos that are branded with agent information for listing purposes or unbranded for multiple-use purposes).


Yes, we offer real estate reels video. Input can be either vertical footage or horizontal footage.

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