Flexible workflows. Multiple possibilities

For real estate media companies looking for a streamlined post-production setup, Kolorheaven provides multiple workflow options which enable simple and easy order management. Read on to further explore what system options we offer.


Coconut is our home-built portal that facilitates the order creation, management and delivery workflow between our setup and yours. It allows you to efficiently send media to Kolorheaven, select editing services, visually give instructions, easily download the processed output and so much more. The features on Coconut are custom developed and you can request specific features that work for you! Plus, Coconut is integrated with third-party platforms such as HDPhotoHub, Dropbox to help you better streamline your work if relevant.

API integration

Photo editing with API is never easier. This is the perfect option if you have built your own work systems and platforms already. Every year, some 10 million of photos are channeled on API integration between Kolorheaven and our clients. The connection allows for automation of the ordering creation and delivery processes without having human involvement in-between. More collaboration and communication efficiency, less manual work, and minimum human errors is at your choice.

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