Manage orders on Dropbox

For real estate media companies looking for a streamlined post-production setup, Kolorheaven provides multiple workflow options which enable simple and easy order management. Read on to further explore what system options we offer.

Processing Process

Step 1 - How It Works

(+) Step 1: Download the order on Original
(+) Step 2: Provide a Dropbox account

STEP 2 - Image Processing

(+) Step 1: Image reception --> Processing on Api System
(+) Step 2: Turnaround time: 12 hours
(+) Step 3: Editor's 1st check
(+) Step 4: Quality control (Can double check with the orders that customers require)

Step 3: Upload orders to "Done Job"

- Once "Done Job" has been uploaded, guests can download the final version.

Step 4: Application completed

- Completed order notification.

Instructions for using Kolorheaven system to manage jobs

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