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One floor plan structure, multiple presentation styles

With Kolorheaven, you have many choices to show a space. It could be either a simple 2D diagram that features the space on a flat angle, a 3D version that shows depth and perspectives or an interactive floor plan that immerses viewers in the lifelike photographic elements. Kolorheaven's floor plans are tailor-made with a wide spectrum of detail and complexity to clearly and attractively convey the relationship between rooms and spaces.

Professional floor plan creator Your style decision, our vibe creationpresentation styles

Often, real estate media production teams are asked by realtors to provide floor plans alongside other materials like videos or photos to market a property. Not as straightforward as it sounds, the floor plan creation requires some specific technical knowledge as well as computer illustration skills, depending on the complexity requirements. To help photography teams enrich their value proposition and say yes to such request of real estate agents, Kolorheaven provides multiple floor plan options with customized pricing, great diversity of styles (colors, texts, etc.) and flexible delivery.


Floor Plan service helps to create the most professional floor plan from hand sketches.

Features of Floor Plan Service

Approximately 80% of buyers are interested in a home listing with a floor plan. Over 90% of buyers say they are more likely to spend time looking at a property with a floor plan. 

Buyers want to see the property layout, visualize the flow of the rooms, how they fit in relation to other rooms, and picture their furniture inside the home. Floor plans have been shown to generate 30% more interest than properties without one.

Buyers tend to be attracted to houses that already have floor plans

From the data we have statistics, Kolorheaven offered solutions to edit Floor Plan drawings. We also design 3D versions from 2D sketches to give buyers all information and a view of the interior layout and house room plans.

Levels of Floor Plan service

Floor Plan service packages have 3 different levels:

  • 2D: Black & White, Full Color, Textured, Colored Site Plan, Colored Site Plan
  • 3D Full Color
  • 2D & 3D Redrawing From Matterport

Floor plan 3D Full-Color design of the house

Kolorheaven experts are meticulous about every detail because we understand that the floor plan is the first foundation to decide whether your house is perfect.

Completion time

After receiving and agreeing with the customer on the Floor Plan service type, our Kolorheaven experts immediately start the editing process.

The product is optimized for the fastest time to hand over the project to the customer within 12 hours of receiving it.

Working Process

  • Step 1: Delivery of orders on Dropbox
  • Step 2: Image processing
  • Step 3: Upload orders to “Done Job”
  • Step 4: Orders complete
  • Contact us immediately if you need to edit photos with Kolorheaven Floor Plan service.

Contact Info:

High end real estate photo editing services FAQ

Check some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you haven’t found your answers, contact us anytime!

It depends on our agreement. We tailor the turnaround to best suit your need. But since high end editing takes long processing time, you should expect to receive output in at least 12 hours.

Our high-end photo editing service is for very complex editing that uses more exposures (more than 10 exposures) and requires more professional skills and time.

Once you’re onboard, we set up a custom product on our ordering portal as per your requirements and our agreement. From there, you can place an order on the portal and upload your input (DNG & RAW recommended) directly.

Usually for high end editing, we’ll export final output as TIFF. But let us know if you prefer other file formats like JPEG.

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