1 minute to rotate text on Photoshop

Rotating text in Photoshop is a useful technique that allows you to add dynamism and creativity to your graphic designs and artworks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to rotate text on Photoshop:

Step 1: Open Photoshop and Create a New Document

  • Launch Adobe Photoshop and create a new document by selecting “File” > “New” or using the shortcut Ctrl + N (Windows) / Cmd + N (Mac).
  • Set the canvas size, resolution, and background color as per your requirements, and click “OK” to create the new document.
Open Photoshop and Create a New Document
Open Photoshop and Create a New Document

Step 2: Add Text to the Document

  • Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) from the toolbar on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the canvas to create a text layer and enter the desired text.
Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) from the toolbar
Select the Horizontal Type Tool (T) from the toolbar

Step 3: Select the Text Layer

  • In the Layers panel (usually found on the right side of the screen), click on the text layer you want to rotate to select it.

Step 4: Access the Transformation Options to rotate text on Photoshop

  • To rotate the text, go to the top menu and click on “Edit” > “Transform” > “Rotate” or  “Edit” > “Free Transform.”
  • You can also use shortcut Ctrl + T (Windows) or Cmd + T (Mac) to get Free Transform mode faster.
Transformation Options
Transformation Options

Step 5: Rotate the Text

  • You will notice a bounding box with handles surrounding the text.
  • Hover your cursor outside of the bounding box until you see a curved double arrow.
  • Click and drag your mouse to rotate the text to the desired angle. Holding the Shift key while dragging will constrain the rotation to 15-degree increments, which can be helpful for precision.
Rotate the Text on Photoshop
Rotate the Text

Step 6: Confirm the Rotation

  • Once you’ve adjusted the rotation to your liking, press Enter (Windows) / Return (Mac) or click the checkmark icon at the top of the screen to apply the transformation.

Considerations when rotating text in Photoshop

Rotating text is a simple action in Photoshop, but there are some notes you need to take when working on it:

  1. Maintain Text Clarity: Ensure that the text remains clear and legible after rotation. Avoid extreme rotations that may result in pixelation or distortion. If needed, adjust the font size and use crisp fonts to maintain readability.
  2. Use Smart Objects: Convert text layers into Smart Objects before applying rotations. This allows for non-destructive editing, enabling you to make changes later without losing the text’s original quality.
  3. Alignment and Balance: Pay attention to the alignment of the rotated text with other elements in the design. Use alignment guides and grids to maintain a balanced composition. Inconsistently rotated text may look unprofessional.
  4. Experiment with Effects: Combine text rotation with other Photoshop effects, such as layer styles, blending options, and filters. Experimenting with various effects can enhance the visual impact and uniqueness of the rotated text.
  5. Preview and Optimize: Continuously preview the design as you rotate the text. Check how it looks at different angles and sizes to ensure it works well across various platforms and media. Optimize the rotation to fit the specific design’s needs.


Rotate text on Photoshop is a useful technique in graphic design, enabling you to showcase creativity and create impressive effects. This article has supplied both the basic and advanced steps to rotate text in Photoshop while emphasizing the benefits and important considerations for fully leveraging this feature.



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