10 Easy Real Estate Video Ideas

10 Real Estate Video Ideas You Should Use

Real estate listings that include video see a whopping 403 percent increase in listing inquiries. And real estate video marketing isn’t only great for getting more inquiries. It’s also a fantastic tool for building trust, showcasing your expertise, and getting your name out there to convert more clients.

If you’re looking to boost your real estate business with video, we’re here to help. We’ve compiled 10 real estate video ideas, for inspiration, and templates that’ll make it easy for you to get started.

We’ve broken the ideas out into a few separate sections so you can easily find the right video for your goal, whether it’s to boost your listings, get new business, or make a name for yourself in your community. Ready to make a real estate video?

Real estate video ideas for listings

When potential buyers or renters are searching for a new home, video is a way to make your listings stand out from the crowd. So we’ll start with a few ideas for incorporating video into your listings.


First things first: property listing videos are a must. A listing video allows you to pair photos with video clips and text to tell the story of a property more fully than you can with photos alone. These videos can be shared in your listing itself, as well as on your website, your social media accounts, or anywhere you’re promoting your listing.

This example, plus many of the others in this article, is a customizable template. In Animoto, you can drag and drop to replace the photos and video clips with your own, update the text, make it on-brand with your colors, and add your logo.


Aside from the features of the property itself, the neighborhood property is often a big selling point. You can take your property listings up a notch by also including a video, or link to a video, showcasing the neighborhood.

neighborhood video
Neighborhood Video

What amenities does the neighborhood afford? Is it conveniently located? Are there community events? What are the schools like? Any of this information can be included in your neighborhood video. For more inspiration, check out our ideas for community building later on in this list.


As you know, schools are often a make-or-break when it comes to a buyer’s decision whether or not to make an offer on a new home. For family-friendly properties, sharing a video review of the school district can make it easier for potential buyers to decide if the property is right for them. Our School Promo video template can make it easy for you to get started on this type of video.

Real estate video ideas for driving business

If you’re looking to use video to drive more business, this section is for you. These videos are designed to help you promote your expertise, build trust, and provide a value add for potential new clients.


This video is similar to the property listing video shared above but with a different purpose. In this context, it’s a property listing video, or collection of listing videos, that serve as a sales tool. Inman reports that 73 percent of homeowners say they’d be more likely to list with a real estate agent who offered to create a video for them. This is your opportunity to showcase this offering.

Real estate video ideas about house listing
Real estate video ideas about house listing


A video about yourself is one of the best ways to give potential clients an idea of who you are and whether they’d like to work with you. Use this video to help potential clients put a face and personality to your name. Include a headshot, any accolades or awards you’ve received, testimonials from previous clients, and, most importantly, your contact info.


While your “About me” video allows you to showcase that you’re great, a testimonial video allows your clients to tell the world that you’re wonderful to work with. A testimonial video is a nice way to show potential clients that you’ve got a positive track record.

If you don’t have actual video footage of clients talking about you, you can create a video featuring some of your shining written reviews, as in this example.


Showcase your wins with videos showcasing the properties you’ve sold. Homeowners who are wondering whether they should list their home with you can watch these videos to get an idea of the properties that you’ve sold recently. It demonstrates that you can successfully sell a home, and it also showcases the types of properties you usually represent.

"Just for sale" real estate video ideas
“Just for sale” real estate video ideas

And they’re easy to make! You can just repurpose your original listing video and add some new text and “Sold” signage imagery once a property is off the market.


Showcase your expertise with a real estate explainer video. Explain real estate concepts that potential clients may be searching for. Not only does it allow you to get discovered by new potential clients who are searching, but it also shows you know your stuff when home sellers are deciding whether they’d like to do business with you.


A tips video is similar to an explainer video. But instead of explaining a real estate concept, you’re providing advice for people in the way of tips. Some examples include tips for staging your home for an open house, tips for finding the home that’s right for you, or tips for choosing the right real estate agent (spoiler alert: it’s you!).

Real estate video ideas for community building

Video is also a great way to make a name for yourself in the community you serve. This way, when people in the neighborhood are looking to buy or sell, they’ll immediately think of you.


Highlighting local businesses is a nice way to show potential clients that you know the neighborhood. But aside from that, it allows you to get to know folks at businesses around the community who could recommend you to their customers and friends. Share these videos on social media and tag the businesses you’re featuring.

And there you have it: 10 real estate video ideas to get you started. For more inspiration, feedback, tips, and ideas, follow us on Facebook. Or contact us now!

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