Being a company with more than 7 years of experience in the field of real estate image editing targeting foreign markets (Europe, the USA, Australia…), Kolorheaven’s service packages have become more and more diverse. The diversity helps our customers have more choices when choosing us. In this article, let’s find out what kinds of graphic services Kolorheaven provides!

Image editing service

For image editing service – Kolorheaven’s most demanded service, the company offers 3 service packages, which are BASIC * STANDARD * HIGH-END EDITING.

Each service package has different colors, processing software as well as the different quality of the final product. Our experts will turn low-light, washed-out, low-resolution images into perfect real estate images.

Products in the High-end Image Editing Package

Kolorheaven offers 3 options depending on the original image quality.

For each package, we provide different levels of image products, but you can rest assured they are all professional.

Retouching Service

Remove all the redundant and unattractive details that the customer does not want to appear in the image.

Save time and money on the photographer’s shooting setup.

Kolorheaven also offers 3 levels for the Retouching service: BASIC – ADVANCED – EXTREME. The Basic level is the most basic with simple details. The Advanced level has a further upgrade with the addition of a swimming pool, a fireplace… Finally, the Extreme level – the highest level, allows customers to choose to delete interior details or add other things such as lawns or remove snow in the winter image.

  Before and After images using the Retouching effect

Virtual Staging Service

Virtual Staging is considered a cost-effective alternative to traditional home remodeling. Virtual Staging not only helps you visualize the overall structure but also allows you to substitute your existing interior with virtual furniture to match your taste. Creating a digital home for your real estate project is a great way of marketing your real estate product.

Before and After images using the Virtual Staging effect

You can save thousands of dollars and precious listing time on the market while increasing the number of potential customers by breaking down the visualization barrier that is often associated with house hunting.

Phased construction projects close faster at higher rates. Stagnation is expensive, time-consuming, and can slow down the listing process. Our virtual staging service helps you showcase your property, whether for rent or for sale. We not only provide the best lighting but also provide a variety of designs to suit the tastes of tenants or potential customers.

Video editing service

Our intro videos include drone videos or still images combined with drone ones.

An image in the video edited by team K

Similar to Kolorheaven’s other service packages, the video editing service has the below options:

  • The standard package includes indoor and outdoor videos with still images.
  • The premium package includes indoor, outdoor, and drone videos.
  • Super Premium package has all of the above services along with the video combining multiple complex files with more than 100 input files.

Video editing is an integral part of the real estate business.

Our expectation is to bring impeccable services to real estate image providers. Having professional video editors and a deep understanding of customers, we are sure to make your business run as smoothly as possible.

Floor Plan Service

Redrawing floor plans creates professional floor plans from floor plan sketches.

Floor Plan service has 3 different levels:

  • Black and white drawings
  • Color drawings
  • 3D blueprints

A Black and White Design of the Floor Plan Drawing service

A detailed color scheme of the Floor Drawing service

From the most basic drawing – Black and White – to 3D, the K experts carefully adjust every detail because we understand that the floor plan is the first factor to decide whether the house is good.

Virtual Dusk service

This is one of the most “poetic” services in the service packages of Kolorheaven. It is a service that turns basic, monotonous images into images with the sunset sky background.

This service has 3 levels:

  • Change day to night.
  • Remove shadow.
  • Replace the sky and add clouds based on customer requirements.

Every change helps the interior become calmer and warmer.

Before and After images using the Virtual Dusk service

Due to the high cost of the shooting setup of sunset photos, turning daytime into sunset seems to be the perfect option.

Kolorheaven is proud to provide you with the best solution.


We, Kolorheaven, always strive to bring practical benefits and high-quality products to our customers.

Contact Kolorheaven immediately via Hotline at +84.963.45.45.91 or email: if you want to use our services.



KOLORHEAVEN is a powerhouse in the realm of real estate photo editing, driven by an unwavering passion for perfection. Our services encompass Real Estate Photo Editing, Floor Plan design, Video Editing, and 3D Visualization, making them a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs.


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