Kolorheaven is known as one of the pioneering companies in the field of real estate image editing in Vietnam. To attain today’s achievements, the company has faced countless challenges. After a 7-year journey, let’s look back at the turning points in the journey of Kolorheaven.

From the first days to today

Officially established on July 11th, 2016 with five members. That was a difficult time for the company with only a few staff and a limited management system.

Team K in the early days of establishment

In 2018, the company moved its office and the number of staff increased to 10. There were drastic changes during that time. The company reached more customers and trained much highly qualified staff.

In 2020, Kolorheaven once again moved its headquarters. This was the time when the company became well-known in the image editing market. The company attracted many students to register for design courses and the number of staff rose to 35 as a result. The company started to have a clear organizational structure.

Methodical and systematized operation

Realizing that the company’s scale was expanding, the management department decided to put business management software to the test. This milestone left many memories.

Applying enterprise management system to human resource operation

When the management system is built and improved, the operation of the company and its departments becomes much more synchronous. Increasing professionalism and specialization is the long-term goal that the leaders of the company always aim for.

Products & Services

The company has 7 years of experience, specializes in providing real estate graphic solutions to customers in Europe, America, and Australia… and is one of the outstanding companies in the field of real estate image processing.

Team K works hard every day to finish products

Kolorheaven always strives to develop, diversify products and expand to other foreign markets. Although 7 years is not too long, team K has the right to be proud when looking back on the journey – a successful journey of establishment and development.

Looking back on the past journey

It is impossible to tell all the difficulties from the first days of operation. However, with countless efforts, the whole team has received a well-deserved reward when the business activities achieved many great results and the company has a good reputation. The company’s revenue has increased year by year. The efforts of all Kolorheaven’s members contributed to the success of the company, everyone worked together to create such a proud achievement.

Team K has been together for 7 years

Looking back, we all created a successful journey. From the first days with many challenges to the tough time of the Covid-19 pandemic, Kolorheaven’s members still unite to be a big family. There are members who accept living away from their families just to work together in the company to complete projects and make customers satisfied.

Further vision

In the future, the whole team will pursue the missions and achieve the goals that have been set. The company will not hesitate to make adjustments and innovations in management, business directions, technologies, and the connection between members. All members are sure to take the company to new heights in the upcoming journey.

Awards for continuous efforts

Kolorheaven is honored to have all staff accompanying the K family on this 7-year journey.

Hope for the future

🎉We hope that the company will grow to become the first choice of customers and always be a warm family for all staff. Wishing the Board of Directors and all members of the Kolorheaven family health, creativity & success!

Hopefully, in the future, Kolorheaven will be able to reach customers all over the world!



KOLORHEAVEN is a powerhouse in the realm of real estate photo editing, driven by an unwavering passion for perfection. Our services encompass Real Estate Photo Editing, Floor Plan design, Video Editing, and 3D Visualization, making them a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs.


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