How to convert photo to portrait mode on an iphone?

This guide will show you how to how to convert photo to portrait mode on an iPhone, whether you’re using Portrait mode or looking to edit photos after taking them.

How to blur the background on an iPhone without Portrait mode?

If you have an older iPhone like the 7, you won’t have access to Portrait mode. Older iPhone models with only one rear camera have limited access to the features available in this mode. But don’t worry, there are still ways to blur the background on your iPhone.

Get Closer to Your Subject

Every camera lens has the potential to create a bokeh effect technically. The lenses on your iPhone are certainly capable of producing a smooth and natural bokeh effect, but you’ll have to get much closer to the subject. This may not be effective for every portrait or photo. Getting physically closer means you might need to adjust your composition, and that may not yield the desired results you’re looking for.

Get closer to your subject
Get closer to your subject

Add a Lens to Your Smartphone

The lenses on the rear of smartphones tend to focus on wide-angle shots. This is great for capturing general scenes, but not ideal when separating the subject from its background.

Adding an additional lens to your iPhone can help increase the focal length and allow you to isolate the subject much more effectively. Opt for a mobile lens like a telephoto lens if you want to capture more portrait-style photos on your smartphone rather than a professional camera.

Add a Lens to Your Smartphone
Add a Lens to Your Smartphone

How to convert a normal photo to portrait mode on an iPhone?

If the above techniques don’t provide enough background blur for your portrait photos on your mobile phone, or if you need to blur the background for existing photos, you will need to choose a third-party image editing app with more powerful tools for editing photos on your smartphone.

There are countless photo editing apps available for the iPhone that can blur the background of photos. Some effective bokeh-erasing apps that you can directly use on the iPhone include Photoshop, Snapseed, After Focus and more. They provide a suite of powerful image processing tools that can handle background blurring and everything from color adjustments to cropping. Once you become familiar with these apps, you’ll find it much easier to edit your photos as you desire.

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Snapseed and After Focus are the popular photo editing applications
Snapseed and After Focus are the popular photo editing applications

How to how to convert photo to portrait mode without third-party app?

Currently, there is no direct way to convert your regular photos into Portrait mode within the Apple Photos app. Portrait mode captures specialized photos by utilizing two of the lenses on the rear of your iPhone. Other modes use only one lens. This means that photos taken outside of Portrait mode simply lack the necessary digital information to be converted into a “Portrait mode” photo. You can try using the methods discussed above to achieve a blurred background effect in your photos even if you don’t have this mode.

How do you blur the background on an iPhone camera?

All iPhone models newer than the iPhone 7 have access to Portrait mode. This allows you to blur the background in any photo you take and add some interesting effects.

Here’s how you can use Portrait mode in your next mobile photography session:

  1. Open your camera app.
  2. Swipe to Portrait mode.
  3. Tap the Capture button.
  4. Add portrait lighting.
  5. Adjust your aperture.
  6. Edit your Portrait mode photo.
Portrait mode on Iphone - how to convert photo to portrait mode
Swipe left to go into Portrait mode on an iPhone

How does the iPhone camera create a background blur?

The iPhone’s Portrait mode utilizes both rear lenses to capture two images simultaneously. It then analyzes these images to generate what’s called a “disparity map” Objects that are farther from their duplicate in reality are closer to your iPhone’s camera. With this understanding, the iPhone’s software applies a blur effect to parts of the image that are too close together. This way, your subject remains sharp while the background blurs.

Disparity map created by 2 angles of view
Disparity map created by 2 angles of view


In conclusion, learning how to convert a photo to portrait mode can greatly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your images. By following the step-by-step guide on capturing bokeh using an iPhone and employing various techniques, you can achieve stunning depth-of-field effects in your photographs. Additionally, we have explored several user-friendly apps that allow you to effortlessly transform ordinary photos into captivating portrait mode masterpieces. Whether you’re a professional photographer or an amateur enthusiast, mastering the art of creating portrait mode photos opens up a realm of creative possibilities

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