Mobile photo editing software is convenient but photo editing software for PC is more professional and can help you with a variety of tasks. In this article, Kolorheaven will introduce you to basic photo editing software. We hope that our suggestions will help you learn more about image editing techniques.

  1. Adobe Photoshop Elements software

Adobe Photoshop Elements is great design software that is used for editing photos on the computer. For those who are interested in real estate products or want to capture beautiful and creative moments, this photo editing software should not be ignored.

Adobe Photoshop Elements is suitable for those who are into real estate

The toolbar allows searching and managing images based on different criteria such as shape, color, file size, etc. The edited image can be easily shared online with friends and relatives.

  1. Corel PaintShop software

Corel PaintShop – a free photo editing software for PC with advanced features that helps photo editors possess an extremely diverse and beautiful image collection.

Corel PaintShop helps restore old photos

Thanks to Corel PaintShop, you can quickly produce high-quality edited images with a large number of features such as cropping, resizing, adding effects, removing unwanted details… You can also restore old, poor-quality photos with Corel PaintShop.

  1. GIMP software 

GIMP software with an intuitive interface is considered one of the most simple and effective ways to edit photos on the computer. The software provides a great set of tools to help you edit, create and combine graphics professionally.

GIMP is for people who have experience in photo editing

Especially, GIMP supports plenty of different image formats, suitable for many users when working with vector graphics or raster. GIMP also allows the creation of layers, filters, masks, and various color tinting modes.

  1. Paint.NET software

Paint.NET is a free photo editing software for PC. It requires the operating system Windows 7 or higher. This is the right choice for non-designers and non-editors. It allows them to use basic features and save space at the same time.

Paint.NET is for amateurs

Paint.NET has unlimited undo capabilities and supports users to design in layers similar to Photoshop. In addition, you can make photos more impressive with various editing tools such as filters, plug-ins, rotation tools, or 3D zoom effects.

  1. Photo Pos Pro software

For those who do not have much experience and expertise in the field of photo editing, Photo Pos Pro will be a good option.

Photo Pos Pro has many common graphic formats

The software has a streamlined toolbar and a smart interface that fully meet the needs of editing and optimizing images. It also has a lot of special effects.

You can open multiple documents at the same time and undo them as many times as you want. Photo Pos Pro has layers, masks, gradients, and compositions suitable for supporting a wide range of scanners, digital cameras as well as many current popular graphic formats.

  1. Fotor software 

The last name mentioned in the list of the best photo editing software for PC today is Fotor. Different from the abovementioned photo editing software for PC, Fotor is known as an online image editor, including free and paid versions to meet all types of needs. Fotor has many outstanding features such as retouching, photo collage, and designing publications such as posters, flyers, name cards… Extremely convenient.

Fotor is an online photo editing software

One of Fotor’s biggest strengths is its ability to convert RAW files, adjust sharpness, saturation, lighting and contrast, size, rotate, and crop images… If you are a fan of “virtual living”, you cannot ignore photo editing features such as Beauty, Blemish Fix, Smoothing Skin, Wrinkle Remover…to create the best photos.

  1. Conclusion

The top-rated photo editing software for PC recommended by Kolorheaven would be an ideal choice for people who are passionate about image editing. Users can choose from a variety of options to suit their needs and create high-quality works.

Kolorheaven hopes that with the above information, you will be able to choose the right software according to your preference, and thanks to it, you can design impressive publications of your own.

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