With 7 years of establishment and development, Kolorheaven is constantly upgrading the company’s operations management system. To easily manage and specialize, the company has been divided into many departments and the management of each department’s personnel is very detailed. In this article, we will introduce all departments with different expertise & their responsibilities in the process of operating the company.

  1. The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is headed by CEO Tran Duc Luong – the talented leader of Kolorheaven. The Board of Directors of the company plays the role of managing, orientating development, and setting up the corporate governance system.

Director Tran Duc Luong of Kolorheaven Academy

Thanks to the wise leadership and the vision of the Board of Directors, every step of Kolorheaven in the market is remarkably successful.

  1. Technical Department

It can be said that the Technical Department is the most important link in the whole operating system of Kolorheaven. Because of the nature of the work, this department plays a key role when implementing projects, from assigning projects to departments to coordinating and checking the implementation progress, all these steps are smoothly accomplished by the Technical Department.

The Technical Department is divided into 3 lower-level departments: Quality Control, Design 1 & Design 2.

The Technical Department plays an important role in the company’s operations

2.1. Quality Control Division

Quality Control Division, as the name implies, is the department that verifies the output quality of the products in each project. It is the responsibility of this department to ensure that before handing over the project to the customer, all steps and images are of the highest quality.

Quality Control Division ensures products of perfect quality

Thanks to the members of the Quality Control Division, after each project, the biggest achievement that Team K receives is customer satisfaction.

2.2. Design Division 1

As one of 2 Design Divisions under the Technical Department, Design Division 1 consists of enthusiastic members who dedicate themselves to their work and are passionate about the profession. With extensive expertise, Design Division 1 has always excellently completed the tasks and each individual in the team has accumulated a lot of experience.

Design Division 1 with passionate individuals

2.3. Design Division 2

Like Design Division 1, Design Division 2 is a team of outstanding individuals. Being responsible for the company’s big projects, Design Division 2 always exceeds expectations and produces impressive products.

Design Division 2 with excellent projects

With constant effort and dedication, Design Division 2 in particular, and the Technical Department in general are always highly evaluated by the leaders.

  1. Operations Department

The Operations Department also plays an important role in the company. If the Technical Department is the “backbone”, then the Operations Department is the blood vessels circulating blood throughout the company’s system. The Operations Department consists of 3 divisions: Administration, PR Marketing, and Trade Union. Each division has its own function to promote the development of the company.

3.1. Administration Division

The administration is a necessary part of every business in general and Kolorheaven in particular. This is the department that takes care of administrative procedures, and clerical work and supports staff with all kinds of documents as well as the reception duties and many other unnamed tasks.

In addition, the administration division is also responsible for preparing documents and equipment for meetings, organizing events, etc. for the company. They are the ones who purchase office supplies necessary for the company’s operations such as paper, pens, etc.

Administration Division is in charge of many internal affairs of the company

3.2. PR Marketing Division

PR Marketing plays an essential role in helping the company image and its services reach potential customers. It can be said that this division is in charge of improving the company’s image.

Being responsible for implementing communication campaigns, managing the company’s reputation, monitoring and analyzing public opinion, and advising the Board of Directors on methods of communication. These are daily tasks of PR Marketing staff.

PR Marketing Division helps the company image reach customers

3.3. Trade Union 

A trade union is the representative voice of all employees in the company. Therefore, people in this division are always worried about ensuring the rights of the company’s employees. The trade union in the company always listens to and understands the proposals and difficulties of each employee, then present them to the Board of Directors to have reasonable support.

  1. Training Department

Kolorheaven not only focuses on current work but also organizes design classes with lecturers who are graphic experts of the company. The Training Department is divided into 2 divisions: Student Training & Internal Training.

4.1. Internal Training 

Internal training is a regular activity that takes place to improve skills as well as check the design direction of employees. After the training sessions, K’s staff promptly grasp the necessary information and enhance their skills.

The internal Training Division always organizes regular training sessions

4.2. Student Training 

Student training activities have taken place properly and the content of short-term and long-term courses is continuously updated. Thanks to these courses, Kolorheaven has discovered and trained many talented individuals in the field of visual graphics. Many excellent students have become trainees & official employees of the company.

Students in design practice class

Excellent students of the course

  1. Conclusion

Kolorheaven is growing and becoming more successful every day. To achieve today’s results, it is impossible not to mention the contribution of each individual in the company. To have a strong team, cohesion and sharing are the most important. Although holding different roles, in all departments, all members of Kolorheaven Academy have the desire to contribute more in order for the company to thrive in the future.

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