Those who are interested in the field of image editing, especially real estate image editing, must have heard of the reputation of Kolorheaven Academy Company. This is a company that has more than 7 years of experience in the field with a lot of remarkable achievements and a team of experienced editors. That is why there are more and more reputable newspapers writing about Kolorheaven and its development journey.

Kolorheaven highlights

Kolorheaven is a well-known company in the field of real estate image editing.

Kolorheaven is a graphic design company with 7 years of experience

Established in 2016, the company has constantly developed technologies, enhanced skills, and fostered a team of experts. With the goal of reaching foreign markets such as the US and Australia…the company has tried to improve the management system and operation line to meet the increasing demand.

Choosing a different direction, mission, and vision since its inception, Kolorheaven has reaped desirable achievements.

Position in the field

The strong influence of Kolorheaven in the field is undeniable. It can be said that the company pioneer in the real estate image editing field targeting overseas customers.

Kolorheaven’s professional team

Not yet satisfied with the achievements, Kolorheaven is still expanding its scale and asserting its name. The long-term vision is to become the top 1 company in the field and hold a large market share.

Kolorheaven in the newspapers

With 7 years of experience, Kolorheaven appeared in many famous newspapers in Vietnam. It can be seen that the company’s reputation is becoming better.

The company constantly appears in reputable newspapers. Kolorheaven has become a hot topic. The titles of the articles are very diverse, about Director Tran Duc Luong, about human resources culture, and also about the young, enthusiastic, and dynamic working environment.

Kolorheaven in reputable newspapers

Let’s take a look at the articles about Kolorheaven in the newspapers!

Vietnam Entrepreneur Magazine 


Young Business Magazine 


Young Vietnamese Forum





KOLORHEAVEN is a powerhouse in the realm of real estate photo editing, driven by an unwavering passion for perfection. Our services encompass Real Estate Photo Editing, Floor Plan design, Video Editing, and 3D Visualization, making them a comprehensive solution for all your creative needs.


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