14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services

14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services in Kolorheaven

In this post, we’re going to explore 14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services and help you determine your best option.

Photography is more important than ever in real estate sales. 61.3% of brokers believe high-quality photography is ‘crucial’ for selling homes. HDR photography is often used to produce the most amazing and appealing photos of a property.

HDR photography can truly showcase the finer features of a listing in a detailed and realistic manner — when it’s done right. In this post, we’re going to look at 5 best HDR photography before & after examples.

But first, let’s better understand HDR photography and its uses in real estate marketing.

What Is Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services?

HDR is an abbreviation for high dynamic range – which refers to the range of contrast between the darkest and the lightest areas of a photograph. An HDR photo is a group of photos of the same subject taken at different shutter speeds and exposure levels.

14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services in Kolorheaven
14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services in Kolorheaven

Therefore, HDR photography involves taking multiple shots of the same subject – usually at least three – each with different exposure settings. Each image is called a “bracketed” image, showing varying degrees of luminosity.

Typically, the editing process needs at least three images. The first image captures mid-range exposure, with the second image for highlights, and the third for the shadows.

With the use of photo editing software, the bracketed images are then blended into one photo with a rich depth of color and detail and perfect exposure.

When Not to Use HDR Photography

Further, not every situation calls for HDR photography. For example, when you are shooting a room or space that is low in contrast, you do not need to do HDR.

When Not to Use HDR Photography
When Not to Use HDR Photography

How can you tell the contrast? Look at the histogram — narrow range levels indicate low contrast.

High-dynamic-range photo editing with low-contrast images usually results in garish colors and flat photos.

That being the case, HDR isn’t ideal for:

  • Sunrise and sunset photos
  • Silhouette images
  • Image fixing or shadow removal
  • And images with people or animals in them

It’s best to use HDR photography when the contrast of the scene exceeds your camera’s range.

The Editing Is the Key

HDR became popular among photographers several years ago. Many photographers inexperienced with photo editing relied on automated tools to help them edit their HDR photos.

The results? The internet became flooded with fake-looking, flat, and oversaturated HDR pictures.

Kolorheaven HDR image sample
Kolorheaven HDR image sample

The goal of real estate HDR images is crisp, detailed photos that are precise in representing the range of lighting and color intensity levels found in real scenes, giving the photo a sophisticated and finished look.

When done right, HDR editing can boost the quality of real estate photos, attract more visitors, and thus increase the chances of a solid sale.

But it takes a good photo editor to get it right. So, the choice of HDR photo editing service is crucial to the results.

Why HDR Photos Should Be Professionally Edited

Real estate HDR image editing emphasizes detail and captures the different lighting in a given space by effectively blending a series of images with varying exposures. The finished product is crisp, clean, realistic real estate HDR images that exactly capture the range of lighting and color intensity found in real scenes, giving the photo a polished look.

Kolorheaven HDR Sample Image
Kolorheaven HDR Sample Image

For these reasons, most real estate photographers want to shoot HDR, particularly for interior shots because the results are impressive in terms of detail and realism.

Most cameras allow you to shoot three HDR images in this manner. But some cameras feature dedicated HDR functions that let you freely adjust settings. But here is the crucial point with HDR photography, taking the photos is not the main challenge – editing them correctly is.

Even the most expensive camera will not be able to capture the same quality of results that processing software can provide. Yes, there are many automated HDR software programs as well as many HDR filters available. Yet when applied by an inexperienced photo editor, they easily produce unattractive, over-edited images.

Proper HDR editing takes skill and practice and it is easy to over-process HDR photos. So, if you do not have in-house photo editing professionals on staff, then outsourcing real estate HDR image editing and blending services to experienced vendors is your best decision.

Now, with that in mind, let’s turn to the 14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services.

14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services

As we saw in our examples, for outstanding HDR photos, you need photo editing experts who are skilled at blending images to create flawless, rich results.

Ideally, these skilled HDR photo editors should also be highly experienced with real estate photography in particular.

Kolorheaven HDR image
Kolorheaven HDR image

Kolorheaven will make your photos perfect with 14 real estate HDR photo editing services. We’ll take the following 14 steps and wake up with your property looking exactly what you expected it to be.

  • 4+ exposures merging
  • Brightness & Contrast Adjustment
  • Color Correction
  • Lens Distortion Correction
  • Lens Spot Removal
  • Photographer & Reflection Removal
  • TV & Fireplace Replacement
  • Interior Window Replacements
  • Exterior Sky Replacements
  • Manual Blending
  • Manual Flash Ambient Blending

The results, as you saw above, are that our HDR-edited real estate photos are outstanding.

Working with Kolorheaven for 14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services has other benefits, too:

  • We deliver quality service at affordable pricing relying on our global photo editing team
  • Our customer support team is US-based and ready to answer any of your questions or address any of your needs

Let our expert real estate photo editors make every one of your listing images look spectacular.

We hope this post helped you better understand 14 Steps Editing of Real Estate HDR Photo Editing Services and provided an overview of the top 5 HDR photo editing services.

If you enjoyed this post, contact us now via the hotline at +84.899.779.111 or email: kolorheaven@cskolorheaven.com and enjoy our services.

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