In the current market, due to the impact of the Industry 4.0 Revolution, professions related to digital, technology and the Internet develop at breakneck speed. One of them is the graphics industry, especially real estate image editing. 

The huge potential of the profession in the next 5 years

Given the strengths of the sector, it is predictable that in the coming years, professions related to digital design will explode. This will certainly lead to a strong increase in job demand and great competition between companies.

Real estate image editing is likely to become a career trend in the next 5 years

Companies working in the same field will try to expand by looking for potential markets such as Europe, America, Australia… These markets have not been exploited much so there are still many opportunities for development.

Need for additional manpower

Due to the rapid development of the field, there is a shortage of human resources, especially well-trained human resources in real estate image editing.

Shortage of human resources in the field of real estate image editing

Understanding the current situation, Kolorheaven has organized courses to train human resources for the company. This is to meet the increasing demand of customers.

Human resources training at Kolorheaven

Kolorheaven is a pioneer company in this field and might be the earliest one in Viet Nam. The company’s leaders realize the huge potential of this field, especially the foreign market with its rich forms of real estate.

Image editing training session with K’s experts

In order to meet the human resource needs to develop and expand the company, Kolorheaven is constantly training and fostering talented students in design so that they can work in the field of real estate image editing.

All long-term and short-term courses are directly taught and trained by K’s experts. Students finishing their studies are guaranteed to be able to meet the requirements of the field. Many excellent students have become the company’s official staff, directly creating products.

Vision of Kolorheaven

Understanding the market situation as well as the employment trend in this field in Europe, the US, and Australia, Kolorheaven’s strategy department has planned to develop a variety of training programs.

Kolorheaven has a long-term vision in the field of real estate image editing

In the long-term strategy for this target market, Kolorheaven will certainly make breakthroughs, creating a “fertile” area in the field of real estate image editing.


Kolorheaven always strives to bring benefits and high-quality products to our customers.

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