Many investors have sold their properties 90% faster thanks to high-quality images only. So, what are the tips to have good real estate photos? Please read the following article of Kolorheaven to answer the question!!!

1. Tips to possess nice real estate photos

Beautiful photos are one of the factors that attract buyers. Along with the development over time, perfectionism is increasing! In the following article, Kolorheaven will reveal to you the secrets of how to take a nice real estate photo by yourself. This contributes to the process of selling your real estate to some extent!!

1.1. Walk around the house/apartment before shooting

If you want a professional real estate image, first go around your house or apartment. Check if there is any room messy. Or is there too much light when the curtain is drawn? Also, turn on the lights to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Preparing the space well helps you take perfect photos

Creating an atmosphere in each photo is very important. It helps you make the first impression – attracting customers to come and see the property. In addition, going around and observing allows you to view the house from different angles. Thereby, it will be easy to choose the angle that you find the best.

1.2. Choose the best time of day to shoot

When it comes to photography techniques, light is the determining factor. Beautiful images do not need only layout and staging, the most important factor is the optimal use of light.

Making use of light makes your real estate become lively and eye-catching.

Light also helps your room become spacious and bright.

The natural light of a beautiful day helps you take better photos

Photographing according to the direction of the house is also a technique of professional photographers.

There are a few tips you need to keep in mind:

  • East, take photos in the morning
  • West, take photos in the afternoon
  • North, take photos from 10 am to 2 pm
  • South, take photos in the morning or at sunset

Take note of the tips to take beautiful real estate photos by yourself.

1.3. Check image distortion before posting

Pay attention to the vertical lines in the image. Because sometimes there are distortions that lead to images of low quality. This has a great impact on the viewer’s perception of real estate.

The most common type of distortion in real estate photography is Barrel distortion. This effect causes the image to spherize, which means that the edges of the photo look curved and bowed to the human eye. It almost appears as though the photo image has been wrapped around a curved surface.

Align the corners so that they are balanced

Wide-angle lenses cause this distortion based on the width you are trying to capture. The wider the image, the clearer the distortion will be. To fix this problem, before you post your photos, use editing tools (such as Adobe Photoshop) to make photos look more appealing.

1.4. Prioritize mechanical/digital machines

The camera is a great device for taking pictures. For nice photos, such an investment is worth it. You do not have to spend nearly a hundred dollars to invest in a good camera. Choose a mechanical or digital camera that fits your budget but still meets the basic requirements for real estate photography. Camera models recommended by Kolorheaven can be found here.

With the development of current technology, all mechanical & digital cameras can be connected to computers. Thanks to that, you can edit easily without worrying about image quality.

A mechanical camera helps you take photos that suit your taste

Taking photos using a digital camera which has great features can help you save a lot on hiring photographers.

2. Some camera settings

When taking pictures, some commonly used functions are:

  • ISO: the factor that can affect how bright or dark your photos will be. The higher the sensitivity, the less light (smaller aperture and/or shorter exposure time) is required to capture a good-quality image. However, a photo taken at too high of an ISO will show a lot of grain, also known as noise. So, the tip when shooting is to try to keep the ISO as low as possible.
  • Shutter speed: the time the camera takes an image. One of its main uses is to adjust the amount of light entering the camera.
  • Exposure: the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor or film.
  • White balance: the process of removing or neutralizing color casts in the image.
  • Focal length: measure the distance measured in millimeters, between the optical center of the lens and the camera sensor.
  • Color tone: a color drawn from a palette of variations of the original color.

You can adjust the ratio of these options until you find the right color scheme for your property.

Adjust the parameters before shooting to ensure the best photo

Remember, most settings can be adjusted. It depends on the light, time, place, and also size of the room. So, you have to try as much as you can.

3. Conclusion

Having an impressive real estate photo will definitely help you sell your apartment/house products at a much better price. Therefore, please pay attention to the tips that Kolorheaven shared with you above.

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