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Halloween has long become an occasion for companies to organize parties with fun activities. That is why Kolorheaven has maintained the culture of organizing Halloween parties for many years. This year, 2022, we had the greatest Halloween party ever!

Culture of organizing Halloween party in Kolorheaven

The reason for holding a Halloween party

Due to the fact that the target market of Kolorheaven is in Western countries, our working style is quite “Western”. Halloween is one of the major holidays in the US, Australia, etc. The company wants employees to experience the festival culture of the target market.

In addition, big holidays like Halloween are also opportunities to encourage the imagination and creativity of K’s members. Thanks to K’s members, simple and familiar items have become eye-catching costumes.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
Halloween decorations by K’s staff

Forming Halloween culture

For the annual excitement of employees, Kolorheaven hopes to turn a spooky holiday into the company’s Halloween culture. We have high expectations because of the success of previous events.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
K’s staff eagerly prepare for each other at the company

Halloween culture is what we want to supplement in hope that the company’s culture will become more diverse. This is also a chance for us to experience and understand the culture of our clients better, thereby having a similar perspective when working with them.

What is special about Halloween 2022?

Thorough preparation

A week before organizing, the whole company had actively prepared. All employees were excited to decorate the workspace and event space. K family together created a spooky Halloween space right in the workplace.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
Skillful hands of K’s staff

Making full use of available items in the company, creating decorating plans which are diverse and unique, but still meticulous and professional. When completed, the daily working space became a real festival.

Vibrant activities

After the timeline was announced, all the staff were excited to take part in a great party. The activities held are the same as every year, including the members preparing costumes for each other, then party and dance.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
Unique poses with impressive costumes

In addition to the familiar activities, this year the organizers added some special ones which are eating popcorn together and watching the horror movie “The Rings”. Many humorous situations occurred during the screening. After that, there was a camping activity in which all members set up tents and slept in the company.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
Team K members eat popcorn and enjoy the horror movie together

Memorable moments

After each Halloween, our company members feel closer to each other and have more memories together. Halloween Party 2022, we have together created moments that are happy and also full of Halloween spirit.

Kolorheaven real estate photo editing
Photos of a memorable Halloween season

After finishing all the activities, the organizers voted for King & Queen. Impressive costumes and makeup had the opportunity to receive attractive prizes and perform on the “runway” of the company.

Together dressing up, dancing, eating, watching movies, sharing stories, etc., that’s the way for the whole company to stick together like a family. We had photos to save memories of a great Halloween season.


Another Halloween has ended, and Team K has had another joyful party. We hope our clients around the world also have memorable moments with family and friends this Halloween.

After the holiday, we will immediately start dealing with projects to hand over to clients as soon as possible.

Contact Kolorheaven immediately via the Hotline at +84.963.45.45.91 or email: if you want to use our services.



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