Top 3 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Apps in 2023


In the real estate industry, high-quality photos are a must-have. Stunning images of the interior or exterior of a house or property give your business a sense of professionalism and credibility and allow you to market your business better on social media.

When it comes to taking and editing photos of your listings, nothing beats a high-end DSLR camera from Nikon or Canon and a photo editing application like Photoshop. However, many real estate professionals are constrained by time and money and need to be able to take high-quality photos quickly and affordably. Luckily, there are many different apps to help make your real estate photos stand out.

Here is a list of the 3 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Apps in 2023.

The Importance of Real Estate Photo Editing

How to Edit A Day to Dusk Image for Real Estate Photo Editing
Day to Dusk Photo Editing

Image editing is an integral part of real estate photography. Therefore, the skill and quality of your editing service matter a great deal.

For example, an experienced photo editor can address the following problems:

  • Line straightening
  • Uneven exposure levels 
  • Color adjustments
  • Blurred and distorted images  
  • Also, cropping, resizing, and many other effects

Basically, there are unlimited uses for photo editing, including removing unwanted clutter, swapping out cloudy skies with bright blue ones, and even making a rough lawn look even, lush, and green. 

As a result, it’s no surprise why photo editing is so important in real estate marketing today.

Given this industry’s expansion, you may want to learn how to grow your real estate photography business.

Top 3 Best Real Estate Photo Editing Apps in 2023

1. Real Estate Photo Editing Apps – Snapseed

Snapseed is one of the best real estate photo editing apps

– Price: Free

– Best For:

  • All-around photo editing with precise control over exposure, color, and brightness.
  • Wide variety of editing tools that require little expertise
  • Photo exposure, color, and sharpness adjustment tools
  • Healing tools, brushes, and selective adjustments
  • Black & white and vintage photo filters
  • Double exposure and text
  • Cropping, rotating, and perspective adjustments
  • Lens blur and vignettes

Snapseed is undoubtedly one of the best all-around Real Estate Photo Editing Apps. Snapseed is easy to use and comes with a wide range of powerful editing tools to help improve your photos. Additionally, it is completely free to download for both Android and iOS users. This app is a must-have for real estate agents looking to improve their listing photos and develop a consistent brand image on social media.

Snapseed photo editingSnapseed Image Cropping and RotationSnapseed Image Cropping and Rotation

2. Real Estate Photo Editing Apps – VSCO


– Price: Free (Upgrade available with a yearly subscription for $19.99)
– Best For:

  • Easy-to-use photo editing with over 130 one-tap filter presets
  • 130+ easy-to-use filters available with an annual subscription
  • Tools for cropping and adjusting exposure, color, and definition
  • App Camera with additional manual controls

VSCO (pronounced visco), a new photo editing app for iOS and Android users, is an excellent choice for real estate photography. The app comes with a variety of tools to help improve your image’s color, exposure, and sharpness as well as 130+ preset filters. In fact, VSCO has been reviewed as the best overall photo-filter app for mobile users.

Unlike many photo filter apps, VSCO allows you to adjust the filter strength so that your filters aren’t overpowering. This type of editing allows for subtle effects that make your photos look professionally edited.

While VSCO is an effective tool for editing photos for your real estate listings, it is best used for your social media accounts, including Instagram and Facebook. The advanced filters allow your photos to remain consistent and help you establish a brand that stands out in your market.

3. Real Estate Photo Editing Apps – TouchRetouch


– Price: $1.99
– Best For:

  • Removing unwanted elements from photos
  • Easily remove objects from your photos
  • Brush and lasso tools for accurate and refined selections
  • Remove lines, objects, and people
  • Smooth blemishes and wrinkles from portrait photos
  • Duplicate texture objects with the clone stamp tool

The majority of mobile photo editing apps allow you to remove objects from your photos, but with TouchRetouch, this is the primary function of the app. Additionally, this app seems to be the best at object removal.

Whether you are taking a photo of a beautiful kitchen or a selfie before meeting new clients, oftentimes, there are unwanted elements in the photo you would like to remove. With TouchRetouch, you can use a brush tool (see example in images below) or a lasso tool to select the object you want to be removed and then click ‘Go’.

Overall, the app does an outstanding job removing objects and correctly replacing them with whatever is in the background. If you feel the need to clean up areas that the app missed, you can use the clone tool to copy an area of the photo nearby.

TouchRetouch is a great app for removing unwanted elements from your photos to give your real estate photography a clean look. Using this app to remove unwanted elements from your photos can help buyers and sellers feel less distracted and able to focus on the primary subjects.

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