Best Photo Editing Services For Real Estate in Kolorheaven

In this blog, we are going to point out the latest trends in photo editing for real estate. That is used by real estate agents to make their properties more eye-catching.

The Development of Photo Editing for Real Estate Last Few Years

Real estate photo editing service has been steadily taking momentum during these last few years due to the substantial growth of digitalization. Most people scroll properties online and spend more time checking the property photos. If they like the photos, the second step is checking the property description and other details. This is where real estate photo editing comes in place. It enhances the look and feels of the property.

With the features highlighted such as twilight conversion, green grass replacements, and background blur, photo editing provides the property images a much-needed boost while capturing its best features. The main purpose of editing real estate properties is to enhance their appeal and value of it. 

7 Photo Editing Trends For Real Estate 2023

With the real estate sector taking leaps and bounds in different fields of advancement, an agent must keep pace with the latest real estate photo editing trends. Here we are highlighting the most relevant photo editing trends for the real estate industry that increase the buyer’s interest in the properties.

1. Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is one of the most popular real estate photo editing trends used by most realtors where buyers can visualize the property. This makes it easy for the customers to select and choose the property they can probably live in. This technique entails editing the property images that include different homely structures like furniture, lighting, etc. Virtual staging uses the latest graphics that enhance the features of the house and make them appealing to the viewers. It helps in the decision-making process of the buyers for selecting a particular property.

Photo editing for real estate now is being a hot trend
Photo editing for real estate now is a hot trend

2. Image Enhancement

Every property or house comes with a flaw. The purpose of using image enhancement is to enhance the features of the house and diminish its flaws. Home enhancements are the common real estate photo editing trend that is used by most realtors to highlight the good aspects of the property that attracts more buyers. Apart from image enhancement, golden hour conversions and virtual staging are a few techniques. That work wonders if used carefully to enhance the look of your property while enticing the buyer to make faster purchasing decisions.

Real estate photo edited by Kolorheaven
Real estate photo editing by Kolorheaven

3. Social Media Search

Many researchers postulated the fact that both tenants and realtors use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for interacting with each other regarding property renting or buying. Alike mobile-friendly images, getting property photos edited to fit the different resolutions of social media platforms. Taking the help of real estate photo editing service providers will help you get the images ready for different social media platforms. Companies having property images ready for social media are known to get more viewers and get sold easily compared to those who don’t have any presence on social media websites.

4. Twilight Photography

Describing a house means you need to emphasize both the outside and inside of the property. Twilight conversion or golden hour photography becomes one of the popular real estate photo editing trends which is used to amplify the beauty of the property. In the golden hue of the setting sun, everything looks so beautiful and alluring that entices the customers. The twilight conversion technique is though rare but when it is used properly it can enhance the level of beauty of the house to another level.

Kolorheaven turns day into dusk in real estate photo
Kolorheaven turns day into dusk in real estate photo

5. 3D Virtual Tours

Just like aerial images by drones, 3D virtual tours are raging these days as the most popular real estate photo editing trends. The rise of the pandemic has gained the popularity of 3D virtual tours where the buyers can have a virtual tour of the whole property without visiting. This feature also enables the experience of the house along with good storytelling. Using the appropriate technology, professional editors can create multi-dimensional photos that will make your property like a dream home.

3D virtual tour these days is as the most popular real estate photo editing trends
3D virtual tour these days is as the most popular real estate photo editing trends

6. Walk-Through Videos

Walk-through videos are a common trend used by realtors to describe their properties. Compared to still images, users like video content more as there is storytelling and more details are included in the videos. Real estate walk-through videos help the realtors to tell the story of their property while highlighting its features and describing the neighborhood. It helps to know about the route to the elementary school or nearest hospital, bus stop, subway, coffee shop, and other attractions easily.

7. Mobile-Friendly Photos

New-age apps, smartphones, and tablets are the most commonly used devices by consumers. Hence the need for making a mobile-friendly website is very important for sales. People use mobile phones to check property photos and websites, so it is of utmost importance to make the property images mobile-friendly. Mobile-friendly websites have specific prerequisites that need to be fulfilled to make them more customer-friendly. If you want to stand ahead of the competition, retouching photos and making them mobile-friendly is a great option.

Best Photo Editing Services For Real Estate in Kolorheaven

Real estate photo editing agencies have become crucial partners in refining real estate property listings and advertisements by transforming the original pictures. The photo editing process consists of several enhancements that correct the flaws while adding visually striking effects without seeming over-the-top or inauthentic.

Best Photo Editing Services For Real Estate in Kolorheaven
Best Photo Editing Services For Real Estate in Kolorheaven

Professional real estate photo editing services of Kolorheaven have been instrumental in influencing buyer decisions and boosting the views of the property images. We assist brokers and realtors by creating their desired impact with fascinating pictures that enhance the features of the listed properties. Our services include photo enhancement, sky replacement, color cast removal, still image enhancement, image stitching, HDR blending, virtual staging, background correction, noise reduction, etc. Our photo editing experts make perfect edits of the property photos to suit your needs.


With the latest updates on 7 photo editing trends for real estate that Kolorheaven has provided in the above text, we hope you’ll get useful information for your property’s business.

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