Top 7 Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques For Photographers

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Real estate photo editing is considered a decisive factor in the attraction of real estate projects. In order to have high-quality photos, right from the step of taking photos, high techniques are required. So how exactly do you stand out? Well, we’ve listed here 7 standard real estate photo editing techniques. Use some or all of them to gain a huge advantage over your competitors.

The regular facing situation for real estate photo editing

There is no doubt. Producing stunning property images takes lots of work. Of course, even with the best skill set and suitable equipment, sometimes, you still do not get the kind of shots you envision. Perhaps almost all the colors seem a bit off. Or even the sun is in the “wrong” position in the sky compared with what you really want. Whatever the case happens, what you see in your creative imagination isn’t always what you get in reality. So it’s not really a matter of having the coolest gadgets or tricks.

What’s the solution for real estate photo editing

Turn to real estate photo editing and add the magic back into your shots! You know you cannot compromise on quality. Because in this industry, first impressions count. High-quality and appealing images are a must. When you can show off gorgeous and stunning photos of houses, interior spaces, neighborhoods, and yards to your target customers, you can impress them enough and convince them to check out or even buy those properties.

7 Real Estate Photo Editing Techniques

Basic Brightness and Color Correction in real estate photo editing
Basic Brightness and Color Correction in real estate photo editing

This is the backbone and foundation of image enhancement. Adjusting the color, contrast, sharpness, and tone may seem like something very inconsequential, but it’s a big deal here. With just a few mouse clicks, an otherwise drab and boring image can be made instantly stunning and attractive. With only a few retouching actions, a mediocre photograph can be made amazingly. This is step one in making your pictures look remarkable and professional.

Color Cast Removal

The kind of light in a scene and how it strikes various objects can affect the colors in a photograph. Let’s take a few examples. When the skies are gray outside, the otherwise lively yellow wall inside a house can look dull. A beige-colored wall can look different if you have a dark window tint. Fluorescent light can also create a cold, bluish effect on an image. Even the color settings on a camera can alter the natural colors of a home.

Color Cast Removal
Color Cast Removal

But through color cast removal, you can bring back the property’s original colors. This editing technique will neutralize the effect and remove the unwanted tint that masks the actual colors.

Noise Reduction

Noise (or grain) refers to the millions of hazy dots that affect the clarity of an image. This is due to such factors as low-light settings as well as errors in sensor size, exposure time, or pixel density. Because of noise, an otherwise beautiful photo can look unappealing and “grainy.”

A professional reality editor can reduce this noise through various editing procedures. When the process is complete, your photo will become clearer, more vibrant, and more appealing.

Object Removal in real estate photo editing service
Object Removal in real estate photo editing service

Do you sometimes find in your photos some unwanted items that you would like to get rid of? It may be a kettle or a frying pan on the beautiful granite countertop. Or maybe a power cord under the imposing dining table. Or it could be a parked car blocking the view of the beautiful garden. Whatever it is, it can be digitally removed, after a little blending and retouching to fill in the spot where the item was previously located.

Perspective Correction

All real estate and architectural photography have straight horizontal and vertical lines that don’t converge. However, these lines can be distorted by several factors such as the positioning of the camera, the shape of the room, and the curvature of the camera lens.

An editing technique that is used to correct this misalignment and distortion is called a perspective correction. To make the photo more natural, the distorted lines are aligned with the image’s frame. This also allows viewers to focus on the main points of interest in the picture since the image now appears to be more compact and cohesive.

Photo Manipulation

Have you ever seen a den that looks a little cold and dull? Or maybe a patch of barren earth beside a property? Photo manipulation can work wonders for you and create some magic and interest. A competent photo editor can add some flames to the fireplace to make the photo look warmer and golden. The same real estate photo editing professional can add vibrant green grass to cover that patch, making it look like a beautiful lawn.

Sky Replacement

The best colors come from sunny and bright days. On the other hand, overcast, gloomy, or stormy skies are disappointing to every real estate photographer. They make even the most attractive properties look dreary and dull.

Kolorheaven's sky replacement service
Kolorheaven’s sky replacement service

Thankfully, skilled photo editors can replace gray, overcast skies with sunny, summer skies. With all the impressive photo enhancements, the properties would appear like they were shot during a fine summer day. The client can even choose a pretty sunrise, sunset, or evening sky.


Well here’s the bottom line: A properly edited photo will showcase the property in all its glory and beauty. So professional photo editing isn’t really optional, but essential for every real estate photographer. It can convince a prospect that the house is worth checking out and investing in.

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