Top colors DOMINATING real estate websites

Color is extremely important in attracting and retaining customers when they visit a real estate website. In this article, let’s find out with KOLORHEAVEN what is the meaning of each color for real estate? How to choose colors for your real estate website to make it become appealing!

Colors are essential for real estate website design as they can change the way a person perceives a brand. Choosing the right color to be the dominant color when designing a website can evoke emotions and convey messages to customers as well as investors.

In the real estate industry, as in every other industry, there are certain colors that dominate the industry. These colors are preferred by real estate agents and companies over others.

Below are the top colors for designing real estate websites.


Blue is a calming color that calls to mind feelings of peace, reliability, and strength. This is a popular color in branding designs because it conveys the meaning of a trustworthy and professional brand.

Blue is the color of leaders in the real estate industry. It is often used by brokers and many business professionals, to show confidence and professionalism.

You just need to use different shades of blue along with the layout of images and the content on the website will convey a message of credibility of the brand to potential customers.

In addition, you can also combine blue with another color to highlight some details: Yellow, Black, and Red.


Red is the color of strength, attraction, bravery, and excitement. It is also the color of determination and passion. If you are a real broker who knows how to turn risk into profit, choose red for your real estate website. In website designs, red is associated with power and leadership and is used to attract customers who are looking for better-than-average services. This color can create a sense of dominance and power for the brand.

However, only using red seems too gaudy, so pair it with a complementary color. For example, by using red on a white background, your real estate website will instantly grab the attention of your target customers.


Orange is considered a highly stimulating color, inspiring a positive and joyful attitude. This fun and exciting color are perfect for real estate websites because of its attention-grabbing feature. In order to design a powerful real estate website, combine orange with a complementary blue for a striking effect.

Orange is often chosen by real estate agents whose deals happen near the ocean, as orange signifies sunshine, openness, and enthusiasm.


When it comes to yellow, people often think of the sun and sunshine. Therefore, yellow creates a feeling of warmth, clarity, and optimism. Another reason why many real estate websites use yellow is that it creates an impressive light effect for the website.

Yellow has many meanings, so consider combining it with a strong color to convey a positive message for your real estate brand.

Yellow represents loyalty, energy, and clarity, which can highlight your strengths as a broker. Use yellow letters on a blue or black background to draw the attention of website visitors.


Green is a peaceful and serene color. It symbolizes growth, freshness, and security. Green is very popular in real estate website designs in recent years. Do you know that using different shades of green on your real estate website indicates a new beginning and a new prospect? Green makes people think of wealth, growth, and stability as it is the most common color associated with money. Finally, this inviting yet warm color signifies goodwill, health, and the environment.


Do you know purple is the color of royalty? In fact, it is said to evoke mystery and wisdom. If you want to add a bit of prestige and elegance to your real estate website, purple is a great color choice. You can use different shades of purple and combine them with yellow to make your real estate website look more modern and trendier.


Black is the color of elegance, sophistication, and power. Some luxury real estate companies use black, gray, and gold as their brand colors. The black background and contrasting white text make the real estate website stand out the most. Combining two classic colors is always at the forefront of timeless trends.


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