With today’s real estate advertising video market, investors are completely overwhelmed by various forms: introductory promotional videos, blog posts, posts on online discussion forums, traditional newspapers…

Why are real estate videos important?

Making videos for introducing real estate products is a popular means of communication that is extremely diverse and rich in information. It can bring about audio-visual effects for some time. It is a tool to convey messages to customers quickly and effectively. Real estate advertising videos are of great help to the business situation of companies.

Marketing real estate projects through videos are considered an effective form of marketing today. Many real estate brokers use videos to enhance advertising effectiveness for their real estate projects on websites, and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram… as this method is cost-effective.

Video marketing helps support effective real estate advertising

A great number of successful real estate experts say that videos help them:

  • Explain things more clearly: Easier to show customers the actual size of the project.
  • Have more appointments: Messages conveyed by videos are 37% more likely to get clicks and 3 times more likely to get a response.
  • Save time: Once done, the marketing video can be re-shared and the broker can add a custom intro to make his video more appealing.
  • Accelerate transactions: Solve questions faster, and introduce more amenities and personal connections.
  • Develop the brand’s voice: Help brokers save time for brand promotion, and improve customers’ perception of the brand.

Make effective promotional videos and more

When producing real estate promotional videos, you can perfectly combine images, sound, body language, etc. to give customers an objective view. This form attracts more customers than other forms of advertising because it brings about a multi-sensory experience: seeing, hearing, and feeling.

It has various forms of transmission, not just traditional channels like TV. Your videos can be posted everywhere: on the Internet, in the elevator, in public places, in the product launch press release…

A real estate video always stands out from the rest. Customers often choose to watch a promotional video rather than read an introductory article.

Creating an effective real estate video requires many factors. Messages must be conveyed effectively; messages should come from the resonance in an organization instead of an individual. An impressive real estate video will attract a large number of customers to the brand of the investor.

How to produce real estate videos

Step 1: Make a plan

This is an important step that has a significant impact on the success of a video. If you want your real estate marketing video to be successful, you have to determine what it is for, how to shoot/edit it, and where to distribute it.

Planning is crucial to the success of video marketing

Producing a video is not easy at all. It is a combination of scripting, props, lighting, sound, and editing.

Step 2: Write a catchy title

When you make a video with the purpose of introducing a real estate project, you should be aware that the first thing customers pay attention to is the video title. A good title is the first impression on customers. So, what is the right way to write a title:

The title of the real estate marketing video determines the audience to see

A detailed title would make the video attractive as customers need to learn about solutions that guide them to find the right path they want to go.

The video title also determines who will watch the video. If your video title is good enough, the video can attract potential customers. As a real estate broker, smart video marketing is knowing how to use the title to create quality video content.

Write a title that makes customers think they will not waste time watching your video.

Step 3: Show the content value of the video

When your video ends, what impression does it leave on the audience? The purpose of a real estate video is to show customers that they not only possess the property but also invest in their dream. Every part of the video should be a message of what benefits the real estate project, as well as the broker, can bring to customers. This would contribute to a successful transaction. Even if viewers do not need to buy, they are likely to recommend their families and friends to buy.

A video with vision is the combination of the following factors:

– Mention benefits more than features of the project.

– Use appropriate words and images to convey what you want.

– Create the video with the right focus, unnecessary information should be carefully considered, otherwise viewers may lose interest in the video.

Step 4: Shoot and edit a real estate marketing video

  1. Select background: Choose a suitable background, and close up the details you want to create highlights for your project. It can be a 3D background or a real background depending on your choice.
  2. Arrange shooting content: Arrange the order of the content to shoot.
  3. Test light: Make sure the light is reasonable and also eye-catching.
  4. Check other factors: including angle, intro voice, and video effects… thoroughly before distributing.

Step 5: Choose effective distribution marketing channels

Currently, many successful brokers have become more flexible in building their real estate video marketing strategy. With the popularity of social media channels, videos with real estate promotion messages can reach a great number of potential customers, enriching the database of real estate brokers.

When it comes to effective distribution marketing channels, there are many options such as Embedding videos on web pages, attaching videos in emails, sharing videos on social networking sites…


Posting videos on websites, especially websites with a large number of potential real estate customers, help your project reach more customers.

Real estate websites are a highly effective marketing channel


Video email marketing is growing in popularity as an effective way to accelerate viewers and clicks. The rise in numbers makes email an effective distribution channel for marketing videos in the digital age.


If you have real estate blogs or knowledge-sharing blogs, posting videos on those blogs is a good idea. If viewers find your videos helpful, they will look forward to the next ones. This helps you get closer to your customers.


YouTube is an indispensable channel for video distribution. Create a YouTube channel for your real estate brand to better drive viewer engagement.


Some tips when uploading videos to Facebook:

– Post on the fan page with many people interested in your topic

– Planning for the development of videos on Facebook to quickly reach potential customers.

– Create ads for high-performing videos.


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