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In order to gain the trust of customers in real estate transactions, the quality of the property’s images is extremely important. It helps you attract customers. Kolorheaven will introduce 4 requirements to get the best photos for advertising purposes.

  1. Lighting in images

1.1. Natural light: No backlight

When a photo is backlit, it will be frustrating. In addition, this also reduces the image quality of the house’s corners. Beautiful lighting helps balance the overall shooting angle and makes people understand the intention of arranging the interior. Photos that are edited with sunlight – well-lit ones definitely make a strong impression on customers.

ánh sáng quan trọng

Natural light makes your house more beautiful

1.2. No glare, clear details

Editing a photo so that there is no glare, light is well-balanced between details and the photo is clear enough is the determining factor for customers to decide to continue with other photos or not. Before purchasing a house, all of us want to see every corner of the house.

ánh sang trong nhà

Clear details with distinct colors

  1. Colors in images

2.1. Coordinating colors of walls and objects

Walls & objects in the house are an important factor to help impress customers. How to coordinate colors of walls and objects in a house based on the customer’s idea is a frequent request for team K. We understand that edited products need to be as realistic as possible.

clear house

The colors of walls and objects should be complementary and harmonious

2.2. Blue sky in images

When editing images, we always prioritize the color of the original sky. Because the actual sky background helps the photo look natural. However, if the original sky background has more than 50% clouds, it is appropriate to change the color to keep the balance.

blue sky

Natural sky background helps highlight your real estate

2.3. Water surface (lake, sea)

Many real estate projects have lake and sea shots. That is why it is impossible to ignore this characteristic blue color. But there is a note that if the adjustment is not meticulous, the color of the lake or sea can easily turn cyan. Therefore, the imaging specialist must balance the color carefully so that it will not become cyan.

water surface
Many real estate projects have lake and sea shots

2.4. Green grass in images

With green lawns in photos, customers cannot take their eyes off your property. The grass is the element that makes the overall space more harmonious, and more connected with nature. No one wants the color of lawns to be changed to plastic green.

green grass
The grass is the element that makes the overall space more harmonious
  1. Selecting areas in images

Mistakes related to selecting areas are very common. The consequence is irrelevant areas, causing the composition to become disjointed. Therefore, when editing, try not to make this mistake.

selected areas
Selected areas have to be relevant to the whole house’s arrangement

Besides, K’s imaging specialists always pay close attention in order to not create halos. Try to keep all details in real estate photos as even and natural as possible.

  1. Alignment 

Align. Center and two sides. Horizontally and vertically. Do not crop. Correctly sharpen… These are basic requirements for the alignment of blocks, lines, and angles in images, especially images of rooms in a house.

When you ensure the above steps, customers will be satisfied with the real estate image that you edit.

  1. Conclusion

With the 4 tips that Kolorheaven mentioned above, hopefully, you have more knowledge to make your real estate images better. High-quality real estate photos will help you build credibility and gain the trust of customers.

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