10 Things to Consider in Real Estate Photo Retouching

Retouching, also known as photo editing, plays an important role in creating beautiful photos, especially in the real estate industry. However, to ensure that the edited photos make a strong impression without altering them too much from reality, we need to follow some important principles and considerations.

The retouching process requires carefulness and delicacy to preserve the authenticity of the images. When editing real estate photos, maintaining naturalness and accuracy is crucial in conveying the right message to customers. Using too many effects or making excessive changes can lead to misunderstandings and difficulties in the transaction process.

Before diving into the main content, in order to be able to retouch real estate photos, you will need professional image editing softwares as well as the skills to use those softwares.

There is a faster way, however, it involves a fee. You can hire professional photo editing agencies in general photo editing as well as real estate photo editing specifically. This will help you save time and allow you to focus on other tasks.


When it comes to retouching real estate photos, there is a specific aspect that requires special attention: the grass. Enhancing the appearance of the grass in these images is an essential part of the retouching process, but it must be done carefully to maintain a balance between improving the aesthetics and keeping the image true to reality.

One of the key considerations when retouching the grass is to ensure that it looks lush and well-maintained. By doing so, the final image will depict a vibrant and inviting landscape, which can greatly enhance the overall appeal of the property.

However, it is crucial to exercise caution and refrain from overediting the grass. While it may be tempting to create a picture-perfect lawn, excessively altering the appearance of the grass can result in an unrealistic portrayal. Potential buyers or renters who visit the property expecting to find the same pristine lawn may be disappointed, leading to a disconnect between their expectations and the actual property.

Power lines

While it may be tempting to remove them entirely from the image to create a cleaner and more visually appealing composition, it is important to keep in mind that power lines are permanent fixtures that exist in reality.

Attempting to remove power lines completely can result in an unrealistic portrayal of the property. Potential buyers or renters who visit the property expecting a clear view without any power lines may be disappointed and feel misled when they see the actual property.

However, there is a distinction to be made between power lines themselves and the temporary black and yellow protectors that are sometimes placed around the wires during tree lopping or maintenance work. Unlike power lines, these protectors are not permanent fixtures and can be removed during the retouching process.

Washing lines

While washing lines can be considered temporary fixtures, their presence in the original photo reflects the reality of the property. Removing them without proper authorization may lead to misrepresentation and potential legal issues. Therefore, it is essential to seek permission from the appropriate individuals, such as the property owner or real estate agent, before proceeding with the removal of washing lines.

By obtaining written confirmation, you can ensure that you have the necessary consent to retouch the photo and remove any unwanted elements. This step not only protects you legally but also fosters clear communication and transparency between all parties involved.

Swimming pools

swimming pool

Filling the pool with water, removing dirt and leaves, and cleaning the surrounding area are actions that can enhance the beauty of real estate properties. Real estate photography retouching experts often envision how the assets would appear in the best conditions, thereby creating attractive but not overly artificial external elements.

House fronts

You can clean the landscape and remove boats, bins, and cars from the area. However, it’s important to verify the details available in the images before removing any large items. Once you have confirmed that it’s safe to remove the items, make sure to recreate the space using details from other images. This will ensure that the landscape looks natural and consistent.

General dirt and mess

For both the exterior and interior of the property, various surfaces such as sandstone, walls, floors, and windows may require cleaning to remove general dirt and mess. In such cases, retouching techniques can be applied to enhance their appearance, if regular cleaning efforts prove insufficient. It is recommended to invest enough time in cleaning the property before taking photographs as this can be a more cost-effective approach. It is important to ensure that personal items are kept out of the frame during the photography process.

Internal fixtures

Fixtures within a property can be categorized as either permanent or temporary. While permanent fixtures like plug points cannot be removed, their visual impact can be minimized by strategically placing furniture to conceal them. On the other hand, temporary fixtures can be easily eliminated using smart photo editing techniques. However, it is important to note that in certain countries, government regulations may prohibit the inclusion of flames in bedroom photos, including candles and open fireplaces. Adhering to these regulations ensures compliance and safety considerations.


Virtual staging is a great way to make an empty property look better. Instead of renting furniture or spending more money, experts in real estate photo editing can add furniture, appliances, and fix missing items at an affordable cost. This makes the property look more appealing without the hassle and expense of physically staging it.

Walls and floors

If there are plans to make changes to the floors and walls, these modifications can be incorporated into the photos, but only with the client’s written permission and guidance. It’s important to note that colors may slightly vary since there are numerous shades available for each primary color.

Neighbours’ mess

With the increasing popularity of drone photography, realtors now have the opportunity to showcase not only the property itself but also the surrounding areas. While it is possible to style the property being sold, significant alterations to the surrounding environment are not feasible. However, temporary elements such as bins or children’s toys can be removed from the photos to create a cleaner and more appealing presentation.


Hope this article has provided you with a concise understanding of the key factors to consider during the editing process. Keep up the practice and stay dedicated to delivering exceptional results.

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