5 Best Real Estate Photography Online Retouch Agencies

5 Best Real Estate Photography Online Retouch Agencies

For real estate companies or individual photographers specializing in real estate photography, the volume of work often becomes overwhelming, leaving little time for the crucial task of image retouching.

In this post, we will explore how online real estate photography retouching agencies can help you enhance the quality of your images to attract customers and create a powerful impression. We will delve into essential criteria for selecting the right photo editing service and provide information about the leading companies in this field. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the importance of photo editing services in the real estate industry and make your property stand out in the competitive market.

Why you need to use real estate photography online retouch?

When it comes to real estate photography, it’s crucial to present properties in the best light possible. However, achieving high-quality images that showcase the true potential of a property can be time-consuming and challenging. That’s where online real estate photo retouching services come into play.

1. Time-saving and ensure timely completion of work for your customers

By opting for these services, real estate photographers can save valuable time and ensure the timely completion of their work for customers. Instead of spending hours manually editing images, they can rely on professional retouchers who specialize in enhancing real estate photos. This not only frees up photographers’ time but also guarantees that the final results meet the highest quality standards.

2. Ensure high-quality results thanks to professional retouchers

The expertise of professional retouchers is key in delivering exceptional real estate photos. They possess the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to transform raw images into visually stunning representations of properties. Through their meticulous attention to detail, they can adjust lighting, colors, and composition, resulting in images that truly capture the essence and appeal of each property.

3. Streamline workflow and optimize labor efficiency for a more professional outcome.

Moreover, utilizing online real estate photo retouching services helps streamline the entire workflow. By outsourcing the editing process, photographers can focus on their core tasks, such as capturing captivating shots and building client relationships. This optimization of labor efficiency not only enhances productivity but also contributes to a more professional and seamless operation.

Considers When Selecting Online Real Estate Photo Retouching Companies

When you need an online real estate photo retouching company, there are several crucial considerations to keep in mind.

1. Quality

First is the quality of their editing services. It’s important to choose a company that has a track record of delivering high-quality retouched images. This ensures that your real estate photos will be enhanced and presented in the best possible light, captivating potential buyers.

2. Fast

Another vital factor to consider is the turnaround time offered by the company. Time is often of the essence in the real estate industry, and you want to ensure that your retouched photos are delivered promptly. Look for a company that is known for its efficient and timely delivery, allowing you to meet your deadlines and keep your business operations running smoothly.

3. Price

Pricing and service packages are also significant considerations. While you want to find a company that offers competitive pricing, it’s equally important to assess the value they provide. Look for comprehensive service packages that include a range of editing options to meet your specific needs. Strike a balance between affordability and the quality of services provided to ensure you get the best possible results within your budget.

By considering these criteria when selecting an online real estate photo retouching company, you can ensure that you partner with a reliable and professional service provider. Their commitment to quality, promptness, competitive pricing, and positive customer feedback will contribute to the success of your real estate marketing efforts.

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5 Best Real Estate Photography Online Retouch Agencies

1. PhotoUp


PhotoUp is a leading international provider of comprehensive photo editing services specifically tailored for professional real estate and architectural photographers as well as sales agents. With a wide range of offerings, PhotoUp specializes in various editing techniques such as blending for HDR, correction of exposure and lighting, straightening lines and fixing perspectives, replacing skies and enhancing lawns, removing unwanted items, and much more. Backed by a team of highly skilled photo editors, PhotoUp ensures top-notch quality results that meet the highest standards in the industry.

2. Kolorheaven



Kolorheaven is a comprehensive real estate photo editing agency based in Vietnam. This brand offers almost all editing, retouching, and virtual services for images and videos. Some popular services include real estate photo editing, 2D and 3D floor plans, video editing, and 3D visualization. The biggest advantage of Kolorheaven is its extremely low service cost, as it is an agency from a developing country, employing entirely local staff. Despite its affordable pricing, Kolorheaven’s service quality is on par with leading agencies. It is undoubtedly one of the best choices for clients with various needs. The pricing for photo editing services varies significantly, with costs ranging from $0.2 to $40 per image.

3. BoxBrownie


Based in Australia, BoxBrownie is a prominent provider of real estate visual marketing services. They excel in offering a range of specialized services such as virtual staging, image enhancement, virtual renovations, and real estate photo editing. BoxBrownie’s expertise in real estate photo editing includes correcting exposure, adjusting vertical lines, removing clutter from rooms, adding furniture and decor, enhancing skies, lawns, and landscaping. Their pricing structure is flexible, with rates varying depending on the level of editing required. The cost for photo editing services can range from $2 to $176 per image.

4. Phixer


Phixer, a company based in the United States, operates photo editing teams in India and Cebu, the Philippines. As a large-scale enterprise, they handle an impressive volume of approximately 50,000 photo edits on a daily basis. Their service offerings primarily focus on standard photo editing tasks, which encompass a range of enhancements. These include rectifying blurred and distorted images, making lighting and exposure corrections, as well as virtually adding or removing items from the photos. In terms of pricing, the cost of Phixer’s real estate photo editing services varies depending on the specific tasks involved, with most services falling within the price range of $3 to $18 per image.

5. FixThePhoto


Established in 2003, FixThePhoto has built its expertise by extensively utilizing Photoshop and GIMP software, which has led them to specialize in offering basic image retouching services. When it comes to real estate photo editing, FixThePhoto provides a range of essential services. These include strengthening the horizon, replacing the sky, retouching lawns, removing unwanted objects, and performing basic photo retouching. FixThePhoto is an ideal choice for photographers who require simple editing tasks but lack the necessary skills or time to complete them independently.

In terms of pricing, FixThePhoto offers competitive rates. For most real estate photos, the cost typically falls within the range of $2 to $12 per image, ensuring affordability while maintaining quality results.

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